City Tour Tarapoto

The main reason tourists travel to Tarapoto is to bathe under its cool waterfalls and feel refreshed. The most famous is Ahuashiyacu, which you arrive on tour or with a taxi that will charge you 75 soles for the outward journey, the waiting time and the return.

Imposing, in the middle of the forest, Ahuashiyacu is the waterfall with the highest fall with its approximately 40 meters high. Come and see if you dare to jump. Try to go as early as possible, then more people come. The entrance costs 5 soles, take the road to Yurimaguas until Km 14, 25 minutes from Tarapoto.
In Pishurayacu, the challenge is the walk since it is a little more rugged, with 45 minutes of trekking. Arriving is quite an adventure, you have to cross the river, go through stairs and bamboo rafts, to finally enjoy the reward: a natural, cool and spacious pool with a small waterfall. Right next to it you will find the rustic San José hot springs. Go on the road to Yurimaguas until Km 34, 45 minutes from Tarapoto.

Tour the Chullachaqui Theme Park

It is the ideal place to go with the whole family. Here you will appreciate giant paintings and sculptures, inspired by Amazon myths and legends, an antiquities museum and some cages with rescued animals that remind us of the importance of caring for forests. In this mini zoo you will see tigrillos, turtles, sachavacas, crocodiles. It is a small, friendly and suitable tour for everyone.
Entrance to 5 soles, road to Yurimaguas, Km 9.5, 15 minutes from Tarapoto

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