Sweden will return to Peru 85 pre-Inca textiles

The authorities of Gothenburg, the second city of Sweden, will return to Peru 85 textiles from the pre-Inca Paracas culture that were brought to the European country between 1931 and 1933, informed the head of Urban Development of the Swedish city, Cornelia Lönnroth.

“We are planning the return of 85 pieces; We will send them in parts because they are fragile (…) We hope they will go in the spring of 2017; There is no exact date because we have to find a special plane, “said Lönnroth in statements published by the newspaper La República.

The valuable Paracas textiles, a culture that developed on the southern coast of present-day Peru between 700 BC and 200 AD, were removed between 1931 and 1933 by the Swedish consul of the Andean country, Sven Karell, a few years after that culture It was found by the Peruvian anthropologist Julio Tello.

Lönnroth pointed out that the Swedes have seen these textiles since they were children and consider that they are “fantastic, because they show how these people lived two thousand years ago”, when referring to this town that developed a great ability in making textiles, considered the most beautiful in pre-Inca America.

After the agreement for the return, the Paracas textiles will be preserved in the National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History of Lima.

“We think that it is the right thing to return them to Lima, it is the inheritance of the Peruvian culture; Of course it is a unique material that will no longer be in Sweden, but we will remain in contact with the Museum in Lima and continue to do research on the material, “concluded the Swedish official.

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