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Macedonio Palomino, master weaver and teacher, founded the company Artesanias WARI URPI in 2002, Together with his wife Luzmila Huarancca, a highly talented embroider, he provides training and dignified job for more than 300 artisans in 12 native communities in rural Ayacucho, a region in Peru’s central Andes.

As a result, Wari Urpi is helping to improve the quality of life of its artisans and conserve the environment

“I’m happy to teach my skills in the pedal looms to people who wants to learn this amazing technical that I heritage from my ancestors, I’m proud that my art is recognize in all the word” – Macedonio Palomino

“We are a company that produces textile crafts with excellent finishes, innovative designs, and we also provide consulting services. we take with responsibility the commitments acquired with our customers and suppliers; we also work with our artisans; in the sustainable development of society and conserve the environment”

“To become a social company, leader, distinctive and specialized in the elaboration of textile crafts, positioned within the main companies at national and international level that provides excellent products with quality standards that the market demands.”

Respect for the environment


What we do?

We are dedicated to preserving our native culture, which differs from that of other pre-Columbian cultures in Peru. Taking advantage of the remarkable skills of our artisans, Wari Urpi developed a range of handmade products such as pillow covers, table runners, tapestries, handbags, belts, curtains and other products using alpaca, sheep wool and cotton fiber.

Our products

Hand woven textiles are made on pedal looms primarily from alpaca and sheep wool, although we may also be made with cotton fibers. The finished product is hand embroidered with decorative motifs inspired by nature dyes, depicting local flora and fauna, hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Natural dyes are extracted from various local plants, such as walnut (browns), molle (greens), chilca (yellows), tara (greys) and cochineal (reds). In addition to the muted, elegant tones of nature dyes, Wari Urpi has also introduced commercial due to their widespread availability and diverse color palette.

Community and social responsibility

As a result of their business Macedonio and  Luzmila are helping improve the quality of life for Wari Urpi artisans in  a region that suffered greatly during the conflict with Shining Path in the 1980s, while at the same time working to maintain ancient traditions and conserve the environment.

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